Brick Cleaning and Repointing of Brick from a House in Bury, Manchester

Hi Geoff,

Just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic chemical cleaning and pointing work carried out on my home.

When I first spoke to you I heard the passion in your voice for the work you do and that was enough, as I’m sure you must remember, to get me impatient and extremely excited about having the work carried out.

You and your boys have done a fantastic job, the work carried out was way better than expected, the chemical cleaning of the brick and then the pointing has made my home look new.

On several occasions I have almost walked past my house as I fail to recognise it. In-fact  I had a guest come over who called me to come outside as they could not find my house.

You can imagine how I felt then, especially since they are regular visitors.

I still cant stop smiling at how great my home looks.

I have received many compliments by neighbours and friends and I always say a silent thanks to you as I honestly believe the work carried out looks so good due to your personal passion and dedication.

I found you very professional with a relaxed and comforting way about you.

I will always recommend you and without a doubt hope to use you on any future properties.

P.S The drainage pipe work carried out by your son, Liam was icing on the cake, that ugly looking thing that was removed may have put a downer on the quality and brilliance of your work, so a massive thanks to him and of course all your team.


Rabya (Bury)

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