Paint Removal from Brick in Knaresborough

I recently purchased a 1920’s detached brick house, painted pink! It looked absolutely terrible!

I just had to remove the paint and strip it back to brick somehow.

A local company did a trial sandblast on a patch, which totally ruined the brick.

I honestly thought I was going to have to re-paint the brick or render the entire house, but after much searching the web, I came across Cleanpoint Restoration. This was the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Geoff from Cleanpoint Restoration was the source of knowledge I needed! I was extremely impressed by his simple, honest, on-time, quality service.

I have never seen tradesmen work as hard and fast Geoff and his lads did. I wanted it doing quickly… they did it in one day!!!  They went the extra mile.

The finished result was fantastic.

For the first time, I started to actually like the appearance of my house.  It revealed the hidden character I never realised it had, the brick looked amazing, it looked like new.

I can honestly say this has had the greatest impact in the renovation of the property, and have no doubt that this will yield the best return on investment.  It was money so well spent.

The neighbours were amazed at the result.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished result once it has been repointed by Geoff & his team.

I will be recommending Cleanpoint Restorations at every opportunity in the future.  They genuinely are a Team you can Trust.

Once again, thanks so much for that simple, honest, on-time, quality service.


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